International Distinguished Alumni

The New Mexico State University International Distinguished Alumni Award honors graduates who have accomplished outstanding achievements in their respective ventures and bring recognition and distinction to our college.

By honoring the accomplishments of our alumni, we also recognize the achievements of our college and thus enhance the pride of our alumni, students, faculty and staff. This award also establishes substantial verification of a standard of excellence achieved by the college for the citizens of New Mexico and the nation to witness. The Distinguished Alumni Award is made during annual homecoming festivities.

The following criteria and procedures will be used in selecting the awardees.

  • Have attended New Mexico State University as a student in the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences.
  • Be distinguished in his or her profession, business or other worthy endeavors, and have received recognition from contemporaries.
  • Be a person of such integrity, stature, and demonstrated ability that the faculty, students, staff and alumni of the college will take pride in and be inspired by his or her recognition.
  • Have demonstrated an interest in community service through volunteerism, civic involvement and shown leadership abilities in other areas.
  • While not mandatory criteria, contributions to the advancement of NMSU and service to the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences will be considered.
  • Persons employed by New Mexico State University or currently serving as a member of the NMSU Board of Regents, or persons active in positions relating to University operations, such as state legislators or government officials, are not eligible.


  • 2012: Mario Allegri Conde
  • 2009: William Walter Wallace
  • 2007: Abelardo Escobar Prieto
  • 2004: Beruk Yemane
  • 2003: Victor Manual Guerrero-Prieto
  • 2002: Nasser Al-Auluqi
  • 2001: Alejandro Ramirez Godinez
  • 2000: Anibal Pordoningo
  • 1998: Ramon Ramirez Lopez
  • 1997: Jose Gonzalo Rios Ramirez
  • 1996: Dario Baumgarten Lavand